Thursday, February 28, 2008

HBA Spring Conference & Skin Care Products

Its a frigid day here in the big apple. Yeppers, its still winter and Mother Nature is giving us her Arctic blast for sure. Though the sun is shining bright, the skies are blue not a cloud anywhere.!

The crazy up and down weather .. balmy one day .. frigid the next. My bulbs are already 2 inches high and I really was hoping Spring was around the corner. Well, it is but .. just not yet.

Thought I would share some interesting articles:

* Find Safer Soap, Shampoo, Makeup and More:
Did you know that cosmetics and personal care products aren't tested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before they go on the market? In fact, manufacturers are responsible for testing their own products for safety. Unfortunately this mean sun safe ingredients may be lurking in your favorite soap, shampoo or makeup.

* What NOT to buy:
Major gaps in public health laws allow cosmetics companies to use almost any ingredient they choose in everything from sunscreen and mascara to deodorant and baby shampoo, with no restrictions and no requirement for safety testing. To help you navigate your store's aisles, Environmental Working Group researchers have scoured thousands of ingredient labels to bring you our top recommendations for what not to buy — products with worrisome or downright dangerous ingredients that don't belong in your shopping cart or on your skin.

For those interested:
The HBA Spring Conference
Javits Center in Manhattan
March 4 -5, 2008
HBA University SM presents its premier educational symposium, which covers two powerful aspects of the industry: “Achieving Well-Being: The New Paradigm,” and “International Prestige Package & Design”. The dual program, on March 4-5, 2008, will cover high-interest topics that address the growing consumer demand for healthy inner and outer beauty as well as brand marketers’ quest for “Beauty-in-the-Bottle”.

All this brings me to what we do here at SunRose .. the pure and natural way of caring for your skin.
Each season brings different needs, but oh what fun to be able to create your own nurturing and nourishing products for your skin.

Carrier oils are the best way to keep your skin supple, especially the 'dry flaky winter skin' that makes us itch. The low temps, low humidity and strong harsh winter winds will deplete the skin of its natural lipid layers which keeps the skin from drying out.

After bath when our skin is still damp is the best time to, as I call it, ' oil up'. If you have not ever tried using Carrier oils, i.e.: Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond, Jojoba (great for hair as well), Rosehip Seed the highest source of Vitamin C, Evening Primrose, etc,
then you should visit our Carrier Oil page:

Or, try our blended Carrier Oil Professional Formulas:

Before we know it .. Spring will be here with the 'new green' on the trees and flowers popping up.
Stay cozy and warm,
til next time
~ Rosanne

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Week that was:: Luna Eclipse & Winter Snow

This has been a week for sure. From a full moon with a sensational Luna eclpise ending with a wonderful snow storm. Really the first real snow of the season here in the Bronx.

I know many of us have been feeling the 'itch' for Spring and digging in the dirt. My friends over at the Essenital Herbal Magazine list are starting to ponder what we will be designing and growing in our gardens this year. Everything from herbs to 'moon gardens'.

With Spring around the corner those of us missing our beautiful flowers, a visit to The New York Botanical Gardens, located right here in the Bronx, is having the annual :

The New York Botanical Gardens presents:
The Orchid Show -

Mesmerizing and seductive, The Orchid Show presents the spectacular forms and breathtaking colors of the world's most coveted plant. Escape the winter blues by immersing yourself in the beauty and fragrance of thousands of orchids dramatically displayed in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.

If you like to find 'upbeat' sites or magazines I would love to share with you 'Ode Magazine'.

Ode is a print and online publication about positive news, about the people and ideas that are changing our world for the better.

And so, for a happy, put a 'smile on your face' link .. for all those 'tree huggers' out there .. (including myself) .. I really think this artist/photographer captures it all .. take a moment to view this YouTube:: The Tree Spirit Project.
by Jack Gescheidt.

Well, I hope you are still here with me reading this .. new at SunRose, we have some wonderful new AromaJewelry that is not even up on the web site as yet.

These beautiful handcrafted Jade beads come in various colors and sizes.

Jade Bead Bracelet & Drop Necklace:

* Adjustable black cord to fit any size wrist.
* Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil, blend, or signature scent.
* Enjoy the aroma throught the day!
* Replenish scet as needed.
* Packaged with a small pipette to add your essential oil or blend.

A sweet little gift to blanish the winter blues with the added benefit of adding your favorite essential oil to ease you throughout your day.

Thanks for stopping by,
until next time
~ Rosanne