Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to waste !

The Most Pervasive Combat Injury Among U.S. Soldiers is Invisible --
and the Pentagon Has Tried to Keep it That Way.
March is Brain Injury Awareness Month and to observe it, the Pentagon did something special: it told the truth.
To read this article :: Alternet - War on Iraq

Ten products you should ban from your home forever -

You would never cross the street without looking both ways, walk alone down a dark alley alone at three AM, or tell your child to accept rides from strangers.

So why let hazardous, toxic, and even carcinogenic chemicals into your home everyday?
To read this article:: Go Green SustainLane

Back in Stock:

Quotes about thoughts ..

' What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday,
and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow:
Our life is the creation of our mind.'
--- Buddha (563 BC - 483 BC)

'Every thought is a seed.

If you plant crab apples don't count on
harvesting golden Delicious.'
--- Unknown Souce

'To find yourself, think for yourself.'

--- Socrates (BC 469 - BC 399)

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Herbal Blog Contest Week # 5

This is Week 5 of the Herbal Blog Contest.
Friday March 27th to Thursday April 2nd.

Featured this week are moisturizing Lip Balms
from Patti's Potions Natural Soaps, Ltd. Did you know that most lip balms contain petroleum products that are NOT eco-friendly?

This is your opportunity to experience fine natural oils in your lip care experience. Food-grade lip-safe flavorings and essential oils may be used to add flavor to the lip balms. No sweetener is added. Ingredients: calendula infused olive oil, shea butter, natural beeswax, jojoba, castor, & vitamin E.

To win TWO of these luscious lip balms, simply enter by posting a comment in response to this blog entry and take a chance at winning!!!

Don't forget to include your email addy so we can contact the winner!

The following blogs are also participating, so stop over to enter with them for additional chances to win AND the chance to explore some cool blogs. We are unable to ship out of country at this time.

PrairieLand Herbs
Aquarian Bath
The Rosemary House
Nature's Gift
Torchsong Studio
The Essential Herbal
Garden Chick
SunRose Aromatics
Herbs from the Labyrinth
Patti's Potions

Keep coming back and keep entering. We have some great prizes coming up, and we'll be having the contests until the middle of May!

- until next time,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Moon - New Beginnings - Happy Spring !

To celebrate Spring ..
for those wanting to clean out their lungs ..
read about our 'Smoke Out' blend

We have Pocket Inhaler Sets that you may find interesting:
Choose your color and blend.

New Moon in Aries is a time of new beginnings.!
Though some of the country is getting another covering of snow,
here in the Bronx, all the plants are starting to peak thru .

I was remiss, in that I had a 'moment' and forgot to mention that we have the latest
issue of the Aromatherapy International Journal. Vol 43 - December 2008. Visit our page to read about this issue:: AT Today Journal

Back in Stock:
Visit our page - SunRose Aromatics Essential Oils

- Magnolia Flower Oil - France

Found this article that I thought was interesting ..
They say we are what we eat.!
The Top 10 Aphrodisiac Foods (who knew)...

This is a busy season coming up .. planting .. seeds, flowers, shrubs!
the glorious colors and scents of the season.

- til next time,

Monday, March 23, 2009

12th Annual Revlon Run/Walk for Women - New York

Every year my niece Christie Tartaro and Sis in Law Barbara Tartaro participate in the
12th Annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women.

Please join us in the fight against women's cancers by making a pledge or donation on Christie's behalf ..
Date: Saturday - May 2nd, 2009
Place: Times Square / Central Park
NYC, New York

Please visit:: Revlon Run/Walk for Women

Free Issue of The Essential Herbal to Download::

My dear friend Tina Sams over at TEH (The Essential Herbal Magazine) is 'paying forward' and is giving this free download of her 'back to the earth' 2008 Mar/April Issue.

Download it, and share it with anyone who you think would enjoy it .. that has any interest in all things herbal.!

To download this issue please click here ::

There is a new 'blog' on the radar.!
It is entirely possible to be well dressed without compromising your morals, or spending beyond your means. You just need to do some research. That's why I'm here.
Ive known Bradley since he was born .. it has been a joy watching his process and navigating life issues ..
Please visit his blog and comment. Commerce with a Conscience.

Spring is in the air !! my tiger lilies are poking their heads out of the ground, at least 2 inches tall already .. I have been checking the lilac bush .. still not a bud .. but I will keep on checking.

Thank you for visiting .. I hope you will stop back often to visit .

- until next time,

Friday, March 20, 2009

Herb Group Contest - Week # 4

Wishing you a wonderful Spring as today is the Spring Equinox.
Here in the Bronx we had the biggest snow flakes this morning, however, Mother Nature cleared the sky and now the sun is shining the sky is blue..
the birds are so happy!

Wishing you a fragrant Spring with all the glorious 'new green' colors.

Welcome to week # 4 of our Herb Blog Group Contest!

For the week between Friday, March 20 and Thursday, March 26, you can enter simply by 'entering a comment' in response to this blog entry and take a chance at winning a sampler of hand-blended herbal teas from, including one each of the following:

Moontime Tea, Lover's Tea, Spring in My Step, FemininiTea, Dandy Lion Tea, Hush-A-Bye, Strong As Nails, SereniTea, SmarTea, DigestiviTea, Nursing Mother Tea, Endo-Liver Tea, Love Your Liver Tea, and Mid-Summer tea
has a wide range of herbal products to choose from.

The following blogs are also participating, so stop over to enter with them for additional chances to win AND the chance to explore some cool blogs.
The Essential Herbal - One Year Subscriptions - week 1
Garden Chick - Fairy cookie cutters - week 2
SunRose Aromatics - Facial Scrub & Organic Liquid Soap - week 3
Herbs from the Labyrinth - Herb 'Tea Sampler' - week 4

The winners of Herb Blog Contest Week # 3
Which was hosted by SunRose::

Patti's Potions - Jody Sullivan North Platte, NE
PrairieLand Herbs - Caroll Duffy - Canada
Aquarian Bath - Elizabeth Jacob - Canton, OH
The Rosemary House - Marie Moore - Danville, PA
Natures Git - Gail Odegaard - Hyattville, WY
Torchsong Studio - Sara Brockunier - Claremont, NH
The Essential Herbal - Jen Strading - Ephrata, PA
Garden Chick -
SunRose Aromatics - Emily N.
Herbs from the Labyrinth - Andrea Gutierrez - La Mirada, CA

We hope you keep coming back to visit us and our 'herb blog group contest'.
- until next time,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Upcoming Event, this & that ..

Go Green Expo invites both consumers & business owners to learn more about what is readily available so they can take steps to purchase earth friendly products & services to make our communities greener, one city at a time. To read more about it and the vendors who will be at the Expo, visit

Friday - April 17th,
Saturday April 18th,
Sunday April 19th, 2009

Time: starting at 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Place: New York Hilton - 2nd Fl
Booth # 805

Hope you can stop in and visit !

In the News ::

Veterans Concerned About New Proposal -
Charging Private Insurance for VA Care .. to read more about this, please visit:
America Abandons Veterans.

No More Toxic Tub -
Getting contaminants out of Children's Bath & Personal Care Products
by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics .. to read more about this, please visit: Safe

And another article - in USA Today. Group finds carcinogens in kids bath products.
The above articles are exactly why labeling is so very important .. however, more important .. the consumer has to read it to be informed.

Spring is here .. and I know many folks who love to bicycle ride !!!
We've long been annoyed by inconsiderate drivers.

Now, it's time to become more considerate bicyclers.
To read more about this .. here is a fun article on 'Simple Bicycle etiquette tips'

Spring is here .. Friday is the Vernal Equinox. Remember to protect your skin when out and about. Whether its cleaning up the winter debris from the garden, walking in the park, bicycling, whatever activity you do.

Stop by our website: for your skin care needs.

~ until next time,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wishing All a St Patty's Day.!

' St Patrick's Day is an enchanted time -
a day to begin transforming winter's dreams
.. into summer's magic.'
- - Adrienne Cook

' May your blessings outnumber
The Shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.'
-- Irish Blessing

And so to all my friends,
in honor of my Step Dad ... Papa Murphy,
orders over $75.00 free shipping
from now til March 24th, 2009

Be sure to put this in the
'comments section'
when you check out.

'Irish Eyes 2009'
(valid thru March 24th, 2009)
Please visit out website:

~ until next time,

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Easter ! ~ New Give A Way

This month in honor of Easter, our Give a Way::
which represents 'new beginnings', new growth ..

Our Happy Easter Give-A-Way this month ::

Post and leave a comment on this blog post before April 8th, 2009 for your chance to win.

Our drawing this month will award 1 lucky winner.

Please be sure to include the following:
- your email address (so we may contact you)
- your name

The winner will receive:

- Chakra Balancing Beginner's Guide
& the Chakra Synergies

The drawing will be held on April 7th, 2009, the winners will be announced on April 8th, 2009.

The winners from last month's Celebrate Spring Give a Way:

Winner # 1 - Doris Land from Sunset, South Carolina
Aroma Jewelry Moon & Stars Pewter Pendant w/ Amethyst

Winner # 2 - Jody D. Sullivan from North Platte, NE
1 oz Ageless Elixir Facial Formula

Congratulations to you both.!

Be sure to share this drawing with your friends & family.

Some Quotes for Easter / Spring / New beginnings ~

' Easter spells out beauty,
the rare beauty of new life. '
- - S.D. Gordon

' He takes men out of time
and makes them feel eternity.'
- - Ralph Waldo Emerson

' Awake, thou wintry earth -
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness! '
- - Thomas Blackburn, ' An Easter Hymn'

' Unfortunately, there is nothing more inane than an Easter carol.
It is a religious perversion of the activity of Spring in our blood. '
- - Wallace Stevens, 1916

~ til next time,
may your garden bloom with fragrant flowers.!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Herbal Blog Contest - Week # 3

For the week between March 13th and Thursday, March 19th you can enter by simply posting a comment and your email (be sure to include this contact information) in response to this blog entry and take a chance at winning !!!

The prize this week from SunRose ::

Apricot Kernel Meal Scrub w/ Organic Liquid Castile Soap ~

Here we are .. week # 3 of our herbal blog contest.
And this week SunRose is giving away one of our many all natural skin care products.

Pamper your face with all natural

* apricot kernel meal * and organic liquid soap.

Simply mix in the palm of your hand & then apply to your face. Makes a wonderful exfoliate.

The following blogs are also participating, so be sure to stop over and visit them to enter with them for additional chances to win AND a chance to explore some really cool blogs.

Herbs from the Labyrinth

Patti's Potions Natural Soaps

Prairieland Herbs Blog

Aquarian Bath Blog

The Rosemary House Blog

Nature's Gift Aromatherapy Blog

Torchsong Studio Blog

The Essential Herbal Blog

Garden Chick Blog

Keep coming back every week and keep entering. We have some great prizes coming up, and we'll be having the contests til the middle of May.!

Remember to visit the other Blogs .. you have to be in it to win it.!!

Last week's winner from the SunRose Blog was :: Sara Brockunier from New Hampshire.! Congratulations and enjoy your Fairyland Cookie Cutters from the Garden Chick Blog.

~ until next time,


Monday, March 9, 2009

A NYC Scene, This & That ~

This photo is of a typical NYC scene ~
A Newstand in Mahattan.

This photo is of a typical NYC scene ~ A Newstand in Mahattan.
Photo taken by Phillip DelVecchio - My cousin.

A bit of a rant ~
Wall Street Journal ~
Forgive me .. but I just have to vent here .. Say it ain't so ..!!!
The Wall Street Journal .. now has a 'sports page' !!!

Needless to say .. if I wanted to read sports, I would subscribe to
the Daily News .. Are things that desparate for Mr Murdock ??

He has turned an 'institution' into a 'rag magazine' .. Im heart broken.
Been reading the WSJ since 1970 when I first worked down on Wall Street.
I had hope Mr Murdock would not 'trash' WSJ .. oh well.

10 Ways to feel YOUNG again ~
Lately, many of my friends (in my age group) .. have been chatting about ..
'Im young at heart' .. though the years are creeping up on us .. we are still
happy kids inside.

This article, I thought, reflected our thoughts in many way.
Visit the Everyday Health site for 10 simple ways to stay young and vibrant.!

Forest Meditation Room ~
With Spring around the corner, Full Moon this week, and Spring Equinox March 20th this year.. thought this would be a wonderful way to start off the Spring season with a meditation page called:: Forest Meditation Room. Enjoy. !

Why Guys Won't Diet the Way Women Do ~
An interesting article .. Turns out, men and women aren't equal in the weight-loss game. Oh well.. To read more about this .. By the Numbers.

Please visit our website:

- Essential Oils
- Carrier Oils
- Our Professional Formulas (blended carrier oils)
- Shea Butter
- Diffuser Blends
- Supplies
- Ageless Elixir Facial Formula
- Chakra Synergies
- Hydrosols

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

~ until next time,

Friday, March 6, 2009

Herb Blog Group Contest - Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of our Herb Blog Group Contest!

For the week between Friday, March 6 and Thursday, March 12, you can enter simply by entering a comment in response to this blog entry and take a chance at winning Fairyland Cookie Cutter and Fairyland Recipe Card.

Each cookie recipe comes with 1 "friend of the fairies" fairy cookie cutter and fairy sprinkles. Cutters include bird, dragonfly, fairy, gnome, flower, butterfly - she'll choose one for you!

Garden Chick has a delightful selection of products that are either created by Karen or something she found on her adventures and loves enough to share!

The following blogs are also participating, so stop over to enter with them for additional chances to win AND the chance to explore some cool blogs. If you are already a subscriber, we'll just add the free year on the end.

Herbs from the Labyrinth
Patti's Potions
PrairieLand Herbs
Aquarian Bath
The Rosemary House

Natures Gift
Torchsong Studio
The Essential Herbal
Garden Chick

Remember - you have to be in it to win it -be sure to post your comment so you can be in the drawing.!

May the Luck of the Irish be with you.

Don't forget, Day Light Savings time is the weekend on Sunday ..
'Spring ahead'!

~ til next time,

Monday, March 2, 2009

March comes in like a lion.! ~

Snow Storm in the City
March is coming in like a lion ..
as the saying goes.
The snow is just beautiful ..
but then again, I am one of the lucky ones
that does not have to commute to work.

Thought I would share this site, sent to me by Greg Lynch,
a SunRose Customer, who wrote an article on 'Solar Cooking'.

Solar Cooking is, I believe, a step into the future of food preparation that is available today. Make sure you don't miss your opportunity to taste the future of food right now.
Happy cooking!
For more information on Solar Cooking please visit:

A review on our Ageless Elixir:

I just wanted to say a word or two or three about SunRose Ageless Elixir Formula. I am a 56 year old woman and a natural red head. Needless to say I have very sensitive skin and it's close to impossible to find a facemoisturizer that doesn't have some kind of acid in it.

I'm convinced that it's the acid in all the moisturizers now-a-days is part and parcel of the increase in melanoma but that's another story.

I love Ageless Elixir, it doesn't sting, and it absorbs immediately.
I am continually complimented on my skin tone and color so
thought I'd pass on the night-time routine that works for me.

When I take a shower I wait till my skin is soft from the steam
and then I exfoliate with SunRose Apricot Kernel Meal.

When I get out of the shower I then spritz with SunRose Frankincense Hydrosol.

Once that's dry I put on my SunRose Ageless Elixir Facial Formula.
The next morning when I wake up TA-DA I'm gorgeous.

Thank you Rosanne for making such great products!!!!!!!!!!

Bright Blessings, Katherine L. Tupman,

Back in Stock:

- New 'ORGANIC' Bitter Orange - Brazil
- Clary sage - France
- Terebinth - East Europe

For more information, please visit:

Quote ~

First a howling blizzard woke us,
Then the rain came down to soak us,
And now before the eye can focus
- - Lilja Rogers

Remember ..
March comes in like a lion,
and goes out like a lamb.

Until then,
stay cozy and warm,