Friday, October 9, 2009

A bit of a rant :: NASA crashes on the moon to hunt water !

We should take a moment in silence and pray that someone will remember we are the keepers of the planet .. and now we are crashing rockets on the moon .. insanity ..

Our country is in such financial crisis .. so then the question is .. why are we spending this money on rockets crashing on the moon .. why are we going off world .. when we should be taking care this planet...

NASA crashes twice on the moon to hunt water: To read about this visit: /Technology:

Mother Earth Water Walk ::
A group of Anishinaabe-kwe and supporters have taken action regarding the water issue.
With a bucket of water they walk around the Great Lakes of North America.

This walk is to raise awareness how, we, the human beings on this planet need to know, and take care of our precious resource, the water.

I am forwarding this URGENT prayer request from our Anishinaabe sisters in
the Northeast/Canadian region. This is a prayer request asking you and I to
pray for our Grandmother - the Moon - as NASA prepares to fire missiles at
her in an experiment tomorrow (Friday)night. Yes, and as the CNN report
says, "We all get to watch". (!?)

For those unfamiliar with the Ojibway language I can tell you in short that
the attached letter is a specific cry to all women of heart to pray for our
Grandmother - but men can pray too. Josephine (as mentioned) is an Ojibway
Grandmother who has walked around each of the Great Lakes for years now to
raise awareness of the health of our water (

Quay simply means woman. Sayma means tobacco - you can put some down with your prayers if this is part of your understanding as it is mine. Meegwetch means thank you.

Thank you for reading this 'rant' and I hope that with raising our consciousness ..
speaking out to our local politicians and prayer .. the grassroots in this country has always been powerful .. let us not forget that.!

~ til next time,