Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring is Here.!!

For those of you who know me, you know how I have always spoken out against Monsanto and Frankinfoods .. This documentary is a MUST see. Though it is lengthy, I still think it is worth the time spent to watch it.

The World According to Monsanto - A documentary that Americans won't ever see.

A shout out to some very amazing women.!
When I was looking for a company to refurbish my Chambers Stove, I found this amazing woman Carlita Belgrove. She did a phenomenal job! That stove has history for me .. I can still see my Grandma and Mom cooking on that stove , it has been with here for 52 yrs with me. Talk about memories! Waking up to the scent of gravy and meatballs on Sunday mornings!

Please Visit Carlita's website: The Stove Lady -

Back when I was just exploring the world of essential oils, I met a wonderful teacher, Mynou Demey of Les Herbs. She is always looking for adventure and more than that, she is always helping people, I remember when she went to Russia to help them set up an essential oil class there.

Well, here she is again, in India this time, and now has a new website called
Gopooja. Though it is just in the beginning stages she has wonderful handmade products to look over.
Visit her new site: -

And my last mention is for Tina Sams over at the Essential Herbal. She has been publishing the Essential Herbal Magazine for over 7 years now. Her new book 'Under the Sun - the first five years' is 15 issues from 5 years and put together into a truly fabulous book. To read more about it .. please visit her page:

Under the Sun -

Some exciting news coming up for SunRose. Within the next week or so, we will have a new and improved website. Wholesale and Retail combined. For my wholesale clients, please log into the site using your username / password.

There may be a few 'tweaks' that always occur when launching a new site, please let me know if you come across any difficulites so that we may fix them right quick.!

We have just gotten back in stock the following:

- Labdanum Asbolute
- Mastic Oil
- Guaiacwood

Visit :
Also, remember Mother's day is around the corner. Look around and Im sure you will find that special something that she will love.

And Ladies ... please do not forget .. to honor yourself on this special day ..

We are offering free shipping on all retail orders over $75.00.

- until next time,
Enjoy this glorious time of year.!

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