Wednesday, May 13, 2009

End of May Give A Way!

For the last 2 weeks of May 2009 ..
we are giving away a -

'Perfumer's Delight'
..... Starter Kit

1 - 4 oz DeNatured Perfumer's Alcohol
2 - 4 oz Bottles & Caps to create you blends
1 - Pack of Perfume Testing Strips (100 per pack)
1 - 1 dozen Disposable Pipettes
1 - 1 dozen Perfume Sample Vials
1 - Small Clear Perfume bottle w/ tear drop glass cap

Our Rare & Exotic pages have some interesting and precious raw materials ..
This page is dedicated to all those interested in making their own perfume or personal scent. To read more visit our Rare & Exotic page.

Be sure to leave a comment and your :
- name
- email address
so that we can get in touch with you!!

The drawing will be on May 28th, 2009 !!


'Happiness is like perfume -
You can't give it away,
without getting some on yourself.'
~ Unknown.

' As perfume doth remain in the folds,
..... where it hath lain.
So the thought of you, remaining deeply
..... in my brain, Will not leave me:
all things leave me :: You remain.'
~ Arthur Symons

Thank you for dropping by.

~ til next time


Anonymous said...

1st comment!


Classicalacupuncture over in the gmail

Anonymous said...

The starter kit sounds so wonderful. Please sign me up. Thank you for this opportunity.


dlans said...

The starter kit sounds really great. Please sign me up. I have just finished my aromatherapy class and we did not learn much about making perfume so maybe this kit would help me investigate this wonderful way of using essential oils.

Doris Land

Aquarian Bath said...

I would love to win. ; ) Looks like a fun kit.

corysu @gmail . com

anita said...

Oh my gosh. this sounds like an awesome opportunity to start trying! sign me up!

knitngardnr at gmail dot com

Michelle LaBrie said...

Your starter kit sounds wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome item!


luxuriesbylabrie (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Sign me up!
Lynn Marie Parkey


Anonymous said...

Please sign me up for the starter kit. Thank you.

yellowstar said...

Thanks for offering such a wonderful gift!I absolutely am in love with essential oils and this would be a wonderful addition to any natural ingredients lover!

Candice L Collins

marmee said...

Great blog! So generous, and also enjoy your comments on essential herbal magazine yahoo group. Thanks for the opportunity to win your starter perfume kit.